Images of Late-70s Burr-Brown Thick-film Hybrid ICs

In the late 70s Burr-Brown made some of the most advanced analogue ICs on the open market. Technology limitations prevented the full integration of many components, so the “thick-film hybrid” IC was used instead. As a publicity gimmick Burr-Brown distributed a calendar of the some of the ICs internals.

For no reason other than the pictures are pretty in themselves, I kept them. Now I’ve finally got round to crudely digitising them. Here they are…

5 thoughts on “Images of Late-70s Burr-Brown Thick-film Hybrid ICs

  1. This looks very cool. Anyone knows what are those two blocks of ‘S’ shapes in first photo? My first guess was resistors, but their different color makes me doubt it.


    • I’m sorry I don’t know. I don’t even know what the hybrid’s function is, but I would guess it is a DAC or ADC.

      Clearly they are matched components, probably two-terminal devices, possibly two components with one common terminal. Conceivably they are diodes in a sampling bridge.


  2. When clicking on your images I get the following error (turn your javascript off or use your middle mouse button):

    This webpage has a redirect loop




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