Happy days: a new-old 1.5GHz Scope Probe

For a while my best probes have been HP10020A 1.5GHz passive probes, but only the 10:1 variant. They are really pleasant to use because they are light, robust and cheap (unlike active probes), have very convenient spear tips, and most importantly, don’t distort the signal (unlike the common 10:1 high impedance probes). For the latter reason, these poorly named “low impedance Z0” probes have been a preferred way of looking at high-speed signals. For more information on their characteristics, see my scope probe reference material.

The only problem has been that I only have two, and so have been reluctant to use them in case they were damaged.

Well, that’s changed thanks to Ebay and an Australian vendor: I was able to buy a new-old HP10020A with the 1:1, 5:1, 10:1, 20:1, 100:1 tips, and all accessories in a case remarkably cheaply. That’s the definition of a good transaction: both parties are pleased.

Happy days.


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