I’m a professional engineer that has had a wonderful time making many things in a wide range of domains, using technology including:

  • low-noise analogue electronics,
  • many vintages of digital electronics,
  • radio propagation, and RF circuits,
  • hard realtime life-critical software systems,
  • soft realtime high-availability telecoms systems

With that experience, it is clear to me that there isn’t any significant difference between hardware and software, nor between analogue and digital electronics[^1]. And if you think you can accurately distinguish between them, then I’m more than happy for you to try to convince me over a few pints of beer or glasses of wine.

Now that I’ve got my “drop dead money“, I’ve decided that I’m going to do whatever takes my fancy without having to worry about corporate politics and other such nonsense.

Hence this blog is about how I’m entertaining myself with a few hacks.


[^1]: except where you are counting individual photons or electrons

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to know if you have a second section on diy tdr and the python programs



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